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Elite Membership $397 or $47 over 10 months

Have you experienced this? The overwhelming mind-numbing torrent of supposed review articles on some topic you are interested in. Say you are looking for a legit automated work from home gig and would like to learn more about doing something like that on the side?

You find something that sounds interesting and would like to read more about it, so you google it. You are literally hit with article after article about “Is this a Scam?” and other titles in that general theme. Clicking on a link shows you…

Another sales page… really? Is there anyone that can tell me how it works and whether it is worth the investment?

Sound familiar?

Well, I hope you follow along with me as I patiently rip Funnel Franchise apart for you, examine its innards, and let you know whether this is something worth pursuing.

How important is learning email marketing, affiliate sales, and blogging to you?

The first question to ask yourself if you are considering Funnel Franchise by Mark Wightley is how serious are you about learning email marketing, affiliate sales techniques, and how to setup a blog and do it correctly is to you.

If you plan on looking for a get rich quick system and something that does not involve some elbow grease on your part, you might want to move along.

If the need for a little work and education doesn’t concern you then read on…

The Overview

This is Funnel Franchise. Developed by a gentleman by the name of Mark Wightley, this system is a clever way of teaching you how to build an email list that can be used to promote the Funnel Franchise itself or any product or opportunity that may come your way with your own unique affiliate links.

If you haven’t heard of affiliate marketing or you have, but really don’t how to go about doing it, then you are in for a treat. This has become my primary way of making money online and I highly encourage you to learn.

Affiliate marketing is not really that hard to do. I think perhaps the biggest issue is trying to tie all the parts together into something that is solid and has legs. With so many different ways that exists to get to the same endpoint, people are usually running into confusion of what to do next or even how to accomplish something. Want to know how many different ways? Take a glance at JVZoo for example…unbelievable number of ways to accomplish the same ends. Get caught up in that and I guarantee you will be suffering from Shiny Object Syndrome!

Disclaimer here! I actually became a funnel franchise member after being referred to it by individuals that I had trust in steering me right. I was also trying to get out from under Shiny Object Syndrome. When I started researching Funnel Franchise, I was very frustrated trying to find reviews that were actually useful. Most of them really weren’t reviews at all...just crap that pushed another affiliate product at the expense of this one.

I want to throw my review hat into the ring and give you something that can help you make a sound decision. As I mentioned at the beginning of this review I want to help. Understand from the get-go that I am now an Elite member of Funnel Franchise. I am also wholeheartedly giving this system a huge thumbs up and want to explain my rationale behind it. This system simply works and solves many problems at once.

So What Is Funnel Franchise really?

At its most basic, this is a “Make Money Online” training system. Its ideal client base is both the noob online marketer that hasn’t made their first dollar online as well as the seasoned guru making thousands of dollars a month.

It gives you a step-by-step blueprint that walks you through setting up your funnel and collecting email addresses. This is the first step, because you really can’t build anything online without an email list.

Then it moves into Email Marketing Training.

The training for this is amazing. It is unlike other email courses due to the value it gives to you straight away. Most courses out their…possibly up to 95% of them, will give you just enough info to put together a basic product.

But then they expect you to upgrade to get to something pretty basic and if you want the secret sauce, be prepared to shell out up to thousands of dollars.

This is where this course shines…you get everything you need in the free membership to be successful. Mark literally gives you this as a free member.

The secret sauce to all of this is the fact that Funnel Franchise is your own personal membership site. This is where you get the mojo that creates money. When you become a free member, you get your own members area and an affiliate link.

The link is yours and every person that joins the system using your link becomes your team member and furthermore, once the funnel is setup, every time a team member makes a purchase, inside the system, you are paid a commission.

What is Elite Membership?

Funnel Franchise is made up of two different levels of membership: The Free and the Elite.

So far, we have only been talking about the free member level. I am going to give a comparison between free and elite levels then we will talk pricing.

So there are some differences. To start off with, here are the free level benefits for a Funnel Franchise owner:

  • 1 Tested Funnel.
  • The ability to build a massive email list. The money is in the list. A good list can earn you around $1 per subscriber per month.
  • 10% Commission on all Funnel Franchise Upgrades.
  • 10 Additional internal affiliate programs. It is good not to have all of your income coming from one source.
  • Step by Step Email Marketing Training. Teaching you effective email marketing techniques and really, this training is where you learn to promote anything your heart desires.
  • Detailed Traffic Training. Yes, we all need traffic.
  • Access to Quality Traffic packs. There are several traffic packs on offer within the member’s area. These are quality vendors vetted by Mark and used by many of the members.
  • Promotional Material. These promotional materials will help you successfully promote your business. There are graphics, email swipes, and other materials available for your use.
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group. We all help each other through the issues that occur. Nice big family.

As you can see you get a lot of content, training, and help plus the ability to earn an income as a free member.

While being a free member you need to realize there are always expenses running a business. You’ll need a limited number of tools and traffic as well.

As a Funnel Franchise ELITE member, this is what you get:

  • Everything from the Basic members area
  • 5 Tested Funnels.
  • The ability to build a massive email list.
  • 70% Commission on all Funnel Franchise Upgrades This is a huge jump from a free member. Literally you instantly earn 7 times as much.
  • New Tier 2 commission bracket. Now get 10% of all your Tier 1 members downline.
  • 25% Commission on all Coaching Sales.
  • 3 Additional affiliate programs on top of the 10 from Basic.
  • Step by Step Email Marketing Training. Learn how to grow an effective email marketing business.
  • Step by Step Blog Creation Training. Learn how to brand yourself, so that you become the expert.
  • Detailed Traffic Training.
  • Access to Quality Traffic packs. In the member’s area, there are several traffic packs available, it does not matter if you are just getting started online or are a seasoned professional. There is a traffic pack for you. I have used a few of the recommends and they send quality Tier 1 traffic into your funnel.
  • Promotional Material. There are images, swipes, banners and more. these promotional tools are ideal for use in your own promotional events.
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group. Join the community of Funnel Franchise members.
  • Personal Priority Support
  • Access to the Products. Mark has given you access to his past products for you to use in your business. He will also be adding every new product he personally creates.
  • The Push Notification List Method. Dramatically increase action on your promotions.
  • Landing Page & Funnel Creation Training. Learn how to create your own landing pages and the secrets in making one go viral.
  • Advanced Traffic Training. It is one thing to buy good traffic. But it is another to be able to know track the clicks that you receive to perfect your page.
  • Monthly Updates & Additional Training.
  • Mark’s Facebook Chat Bot Funnel + Training
  • FREE Weekly Traffic Provided by Mark Wightley!

Each week Mark buys targeted traffic specifically for those who have upgraded to become an Elite member. Once your entire funnel setup is complete, your affiliate link is placed into the rotator.

The other thing that really stands out is the commission structure. You jump from a 10% to 70% commission on Funnel Franchise upgrades as well.

All in all, it is a pretty extensive list of upgrades. For someone starting out, the free membership is ideal. You are able to jump in and take care of business while learning the rules and getting paid. That is ideal!

One more thing here. Remember when I mentioned that the product entry used to be $5? Well there was a change that was made to move the system to a free to join product.

Mark has a special course on Blog creation that was moved to the Elite member status area to accommodate the justification for moving the basic membership to free membership.

In this blog creation training, Mark teaches how to build and monetize your own blog…and this sucker is huge and detailed.

I know, I know…You might be thinking “I thought blogs were dead” or, “I thought a blog was yesterday’s news”. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, I would venture that every person wanting an online presence must have a blog. It will brand you and make you the “go to” authority.

Tell me the costs man!

The costs for the basic level that I covered at the beginning of the review is free to join. Looking at everything that is included, it is a brilliant deal, especially if you are a beginner in the make money online space and you want to learn from someone that is willing to teach you.

For those of you who want to take it to the next level, the Funnel Franchise system has you covered there as well.

As an Elite member of Funnel Franchise, to receive all the benefits listed above the cost is very insignificant.

You have two choices of payment.

A onetime payment of $397 USD or, if you cannot afford this single payment, you can opt for a monthly payment of $47 USD for 10 months. Yes, you will pay almost $100 more using the payment plan, but for those of us that are just starting out it is a lot easier on the budget.

Is This System A Good Fit For Those That Are Just Starting Out?

I must wholeheartedly recommend Funnel Franchise to anyone starting out to make a career in online marketing. I have seen my share of online programs purportedly targeted to the noob.

After creating this review and doing further research, I have concluded that the Funnel Franchise system is something you are going to want to join if you are serious about making money online for the following reasons:

  1. Mark Wightley’s over the shoulder, no nonsense style of training is one of the best I have come across.
  2. If you are struggling to pay for anything right now, start with a free account.
  3. If you have the dedication to complete the full funnel setup then go through the included email marketing training.

I would be willing to bet that by the time that you finish, if you have faithfully implemented everything that you have learned, you WILL be making money.

Is Email Marketing Necessary?

You might have heard the adage, “The Money is in the list?” This system teaches you every aspect of email marketing. You learn about how to deftly use your autoresponders, segment your lists, etc. in either Aweber or GetResponse. Mark provides email swipes for you to use, modify, and engage your subscribers. You will be hard pressed to find another email course that is this well laid out and engaging.

Free or Paid Traffic?

Mark teaches you how to generate traffic from both sources. He has some fantastic deals setup with a few highly recommended solo ad vendors on Udimi that will give a deep discount to Funnel Franchise users. On the free side of the house he walks you through generating traffic from Bing, YouTube, and Facebook.

Improvements Needed

I have spent a lot of time inside the system. Some of the things I did not like and had written for this review before the new version of Funnel Franchise no longer apply.

For example, some of the funnel instructions did not make proper sense. That section has now been rewritten and freshly updated. Mark has full video instructions with copiable funnels for 3 different marketing platforms.

I also did not care for the $5-dollar cost of the free level which used to be called basic level. I have run campaigns in the past and my experience with doing things like that dictates that it easier and makes more sense to move a $5-dollar entry cost down to free to avoid costly returns and chargebacks.

The last gripe I had which still hasn’t been addressed is the color scheme. It would be nicer if the entire platform was spiffed up with some complementary sharp color scheme. But look at it this way… I f I am reduced to complaining about color then we definitely have something special here in terms of an awesome program. Overall, coloration doesn’t affect the matter in terms of functionality.

Interest from New Demographic Of Buyers

Lately I have seen an increasing number of retirees looking for a way to supplement their income online. The Funnel Franchise System is the ideal training ground for these folks to cut their teeth and learn some new skills. This group is also very turned off by the pie in the sky claims that seem so prevalent from marketers today.

Market to them and stress two things:

  1. Step by step instructions
  2. Lots of available help to implement the system faithfully

Final Thoughts

I hope by now you are excited to get started as I was when I started this review.

There is nothing like the feeling of completing the steps Mark has laid out and see your creation come alive on the screen.

When I was writing this review, I had to stop and implement another training piece because I was so excited. I wanted to tell the world about what I had found and experienced. In fact, I believe this is the first course I finished from beginning to end.

I know a lot of people looking for the perfect opportunity to take advantage of and although it does not exists, this system is about as close as it comes to a perfect online money making opportunity that you will find out there.

So to recap an important point, the Funnel Franchise system is the PERFECT vehicle for someone with zero experience in online marketing. Mark takes you by the hand and explicitly explains in step by step detail, how to succeed.

He lays it all out there and shows you how you are going to build that big email list. He will teach you how to become a successful email marketer. Also, he will show you how to build an monetize your own blog which brands you as an online authority.

You are still here? What are you waiting for?


Daniel Colussi


P.S. In interest of full disclosure, I am a student of John Thornhill’s. If you are struggling doing digital marketing, go here now and get the dream start you’ve always wanted.

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