Does Using PLR On My Blog Put Me In Danger Of The Dreaded “Duplicate Content” Penalty?

The correct answer to this is NO for those who are impatient.

Private label rights content (PLR) will not cause penalties to your site by Google.

I know, tons of confusion right?

This is one of the most misunderstood issues in blogging. If you have used PLR content before, you probably agonize over the big, bad Google penalizing your site before you have even started.

Use your PLR… it is perfectly safe…you don’t have to worry.

What IS Duplicate Content Penalty exactly?

You must understand what the duplicate content penalty is.

NUTSHELL Version – If you take a single PLR blog post and duplicate it on your blog six times, you have duplicate content.

Why would people do this? Simple… this is gaming the system and I promise you will lose.

They’ll create 6 different headlines for the same exact article and post each different headline as a blog post with no change in the content…it is the SAME.

This is duplicate content.

Why Would Anyone Do This In the First Place?

What they’re trying to accomplish is rank in the search engine results…this is the equivalent of throwing jello at the wall and seeing what sticks.

Well…guess what… something sticks and that something is a duplicate content penalty from Google.

You might just want to avoid trying to scam a billion-dollar company. More than likely you will just get your site blacklisted.

In order to use PLR correctly, just post one article once on your site.

Please stay organized with your PLR content so that you do not accidentally post the same content twice…it does happen.

Websites which publish syndicated news articles look very similar to websites that post PLR.

Notice that news from popular news organizations such as Reuters or Associated Press are displayed across thousands of sites online.

The content is quite literally the same and nothing is altered or changed…

Yet, none of these sites are penalized because the SAME CONTENT APPEARING ON DIFFERENT SITES DOES NOT cause a duplicate penalty strike.

Only when the SAME CONTENT APPEARS REPEATEDLY ON THE SAME SITE are you penalized for duplicate content.

Look at the words in bold again. This is the important lesson of this article. Feel free to use PLR content on your site. It’s one of the best ways to populate your site quickly and easily.

What If I Want To Rank For Certain Keywords?

Now there is a caveat if you’re hoping to rank for certain keywords.

In this case it would be best to either write unique content targeting the keyword/s you wish to rank for…

or rewrite about 51% to 55% of your PLR article.

You should optimize it well so that Google views it as unique content and ranks it.

Here is the problem with trying to rank PLR content…

Many people who bought the same content will be using it as well. While most PLR buyers will never use the content they purchase, enough of them will and that will cause competition.

The lazy way is that the most common avenue most of them will follow is just copy and paste the PLR content as it is without changing anything.

Just realize that the first one to post the PLR content will be the one to get noticed by Google.

If you come after that then Google won’t really care because they have already taken note of the content.

This is important… You should do two things:

  1. Come up with a new title for the PLR.
  2. Rewrite about half the content so it becomes unique.

In order to make it unique try sprinkling related keywords in your content and add in your own opinions. Try using references or add quotes, etc… you get the idea.

Once you do all of this it will help to make your content different from the original PLR you’ve purchased. Get a few links pointing to your new article and your chances of ranking in the search results will be much higher.

This is the simple secret as to how you should use PLR to both add content to your site and, also rank in the SERPS. You’ll ranking in the search results before you know it!

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