Clearing Up confusion about PLR Rights

Are you confused by the different types of PLR rights?

If you stop to think about it, you’d realize that PLR stands for ‘Private Label Rights’

Yet, why does everyone say ‘PLR Rights’?

That’s like saying Private Label Rights Rights… getting the picture?

This is what we will just pass off as one of the vagaries of the industry…

So this term is now the norm.

Truth is, there isn’t a standard with PLR rights. Different vendors have their own interpretations of what the terms are.

Confused yet? Don’t be. Simply pay close attention to the license terms and you will know exactly how to utilize the PLR.

If you are confused about any of the stipulations in the license terms the best thing to do is to contact the vendor and ask.

Let’s take a look at what we generally understand PLR rights to be.

Private Label Rights (PLR)

For the ultimate in flexibility you will want to look for PLR, especially if you want to rebrand or personalize the content. In this type of content you will generally receive the editable source files so that you can make the content your own and spin products off of that.

PLR is where you are going to get EDITABLE SOURCE FILES…

So what? What is the big deal?

When getting PLR in written form whether like ebooks, articles, reports, checklists…

The editable source files are usually going to be in a .DOC, .TXT, or even .RTF format.

What this means is you have all the content that you can edit by adding images, your name, combine content together, and so on…

You can actually make it look nothing like what it came from and thus you have your own unique product for your brand.

This is the PLR’s strongest selling point when getting from the original vendor…

You will get all source files to do with what you wish.

Resell Rights (RR)

These are usually also found on the membership sites of the PLR vendor. You most often see these  as “Biz-In-A-Box” type PLR packages that have been stripped and converted into PDF,MP4, MP3, etc.

The main difference is that the editable source files are NOT INCLUDED.

You can only sell these products as is without making any changes… and this depends on the product.

The issue with resell rights products is that you are competing against everyone else that is selling the exact same thing.

Most beginner marketers compete on price so it is all a race to the bottom. By the time that happens, you will barely make a profit.

I recommend the only reason to use these is to create bonuses or use them as research for your own content creation.

Master Resell Rights (MRR)

This category of resell product is very similar to the above resell rights. The difference is your customers can resell the products as their own as well.

Once again, this leads to everyone and their momma owning the product and devaluing it.

Giveaway Rights

No need for this type of confusion

You’ll be able to give away these PLR products as gifts, bonuses or they can be used as freebies to build your email list (usually in PDF and MP4 format).

Depending on the product, you may sometime get the editable source files… but most often you won’t.

This is a favoured format of creating lead magnets.

Unrestricted rights

These products usually have very few restrictions and you can do whatever you want with them.

I have found that some clueless PLR vendors may state on the sales page that their products have unrestricted rights (just to get more sales) – but then they have stipulations in the terms which restrict you.

Always read the fine print.

Limited Content

Limited content is not ‘PLR rights’ exactly…

but it is a derivative of PLR content that’s highly sought after.

Limited PLR will have a limit to the number of copies sold.

They may be limited to 100 or 200 copies. Sometimes 50 and sometimes less. It all depends on the PLR vendor’s preferences.

So why buy something like this. PLR buyers love this because the competition is so much less as a result of fewer owning the content.

That makes it easier to personalize and rank the content in the search engines.

PLR Reseller Rights

PLR reseller rights is a rare type of rights offered by very few PLR sellers. This type of rights allows you to sell the PLR as YOUR OWN PLR.

You’ll be able to include the source files with your package. In other words, it allows you to become a PLR seller in your own right.

Content creation is laborious work. Purchasing products that come with PLR Reseller Rights will allow you to quickly build a PLR store and sell your own PLR products. Very cool.

You can be a PLR seller in record time.

If you’re looking for products with PLR reseller rights, do check out

So now that you’re aware of what the different types of PLR rights mean, you go after the appropriate content for your needs.

You’ll also know what you can and cannot do with the PLR you have.

Congratulations! You are now prepared to go shopping in the IM world.

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