Beware The PLR “Quality” Gap…And Here’s Why

Private label rights (PLR) content has flooded the market.

In fact, I would like to argue there are too many PLR products out there period!

Every week, week after week, month after month new bundles are released and it is usually on the same topics.

Every budding internet marketer out there looks to selling PLR as a way to make a few bucks on their way to the millions that are waiting for them… right around the corner.

All you need to do is just write some content, bundle it up and ask some affiliates to promote for you.

If you are a fairly proficient writer then writing PLR will help you generate an income.

But what about the poorly written PLR that floods into the market? This is the sad reality of it right now.

I see a lot of marketers complaining that a lot of PLR our there is crap and the truth is, more of it is crap than is good.

But…there is also high quality PLR out there as well that is what we need to be able to find…

You just need to know what it is that makes good PLR.

Content VS Fluff

Any writing worth its salt requires good prose and research. One of the qualities of good PLR is that it is engaging.

Have you ever come across PLR where the ebook looks huge…good 60-70 pages or even more but when opened..

Huge font is used, double spacing.. even some of it looks like I would call it triple spacing, huge fonts…the seller is trying to make it look better than it really is.

Length of content should only deliver value. If you can give me a couple of great tips in a couple of pages vs me having to comb through pages of fluff to pull out the nuggets…I will take the short paged PLR.

Who Is The Writer?

HUGE point here. If the PLR vendor is the writer then you will probably get some pretty good content because they take pride and ownership in the things that they sell.

If they outsource it then you may be looking at some iffy products. This is especially true if the vendor themselves does not have a good command of the language and can’t tell if the content sent from the freelance writers to them is appropriate and well-written.

Usually they will just bundle up the content and sell it just like it is. They might throw a few shiny trinkets in to spruce it up. Who doesn’t have a 15,000 article PLR bundle collecting space on a hard drive somewhere that they bought for $7?

I have looked at some PLR where they must have been pushing the articles through a word spinner over and over. Reading them is likely going to cause you to lose all your reading comprehension.

This is funny but also sad because this type of situation does exist so you should be very aware of it.

Good PLR = Good Writing… nothing else matters in the PLR world. Knowing this is the linchpin of the survival of your business because if your content quality suffers, you will be done.

PLR videos should be held to the same standards. They must be worth watching and they have to sound great.

Quality PLR = High Price….No!

Do not give into the thinking that the more expensive a PLR offer is, the better it is. The same is true for the cheaper PLR. Cheap does not indicate inferior content.

The market that encompasses PLR is very aware of this misconception so they use it for positioning. Charging more to make it seem exclusive or better than the competition.

Sometimes PLR bundles are sold at a launch discount. So, you may be able to purchase the product for $17, but once the launch is over, the price rises to $47 or higher.

Once again, the pricing is influenced by the timing, vendor’s preferences, etc. and is NOT a determining factor of quality.

Do Your Research

If you truly want to know who the good PLR sellers are then I suggest joining online marketing forums/PLR Facebook groups and ask the members there.

You will quickly see who the best vendors are.

Remember that looking at PLR sitting at the top of best sellers lists can be deceptive, especially if they show at the top during their launch.

Online marketing is driven by lists of subscribers and a lot of marketers have their own affiliate circles and large lists. When they email the offer out, it will usually generate a lot of sales.

Thus driving the PLR up the lists.

Most PLR buyers don’t do their due diligence and just buy. Everyone wins here…the PLR vendor, the marketing platform generating the sales…

Everyone wins…except you. Be smart and do your homework.

Pitching Falsehoods

A commonly used sales pitch by several sellers of PLR is them telling you how most PLR out there is junk BUT not theirs.

By getting other PLR “dirty”, they end up looking “cleaner” than the competition.

Just make sure you do your research and see if the PLR is worth buying.

There really is a bunch of good PLR being sold out there, you just have to do a little digging!

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