About Me

Hey there, my name is Daniel Colussi and for those who don’t know much about me, I thought I would share with you a little about myself and my background.

Daniel Colussi
Blogger & Entrepreneur

I live in Pueblo, Colorado and have one beautiful daughter. I am married to my wonderful wife of 22 years.

I went to high school at Fountain Valley School outside Widefield, Colorado. Then finished my Bachelors at USC Pueblo. After,spending a year in Medical School I decided that it wasn’t for me so I bailed without a plan of action. That was also the year I got married…and yes…she stayed married to me after realizing she was not going to be the wife of a doctor.

While I tried to figure out my path in life, I started teaching middle school kids Life Science and found out, even though the pay sucked, I really enjoyed it and was very good at it.

Eventually, after 7 years, I decided I wanted a little more pay and after getting a Master’s degree, I became an Assistant Principalof that same middle school for 4 years. I tired of discipline at the middle school level and got a job as a high school assistant principal.

After one year, I applied and landed a principalship but was quickly promoted up the ladder due to exceptional computer skills and need for those skills in an online statewide charter school. The last 9 years I have been a Senior Data Analyst in the same school and I love it. 

But I am restless…

While working full-time my wife and I have opened and currently run an Amazon Wholesale business. I also write this blog and have another company called The Marketing Colossus. It does strictly affiliate marketing and I teach others how to successfully do affiliate, email, content, bot, and social media marketing as a consultant.

I created this blog site to try and connect with as many people as I possibly can and give them access to the new things I am learning on a constant basis.This will give people the edge in staying ahead of the game. Due to subscribers constantly pushing at me, I just opened a free membership site where I have started to post all of the training, lead magnets, and other IM related materials I have created over the past several years. It is free to join and you can download everything you want.

I hope this blog will help people trying to make it in the world of internet marketing. One thing I will say is it won’t be easy but it can be done, remember to stay focused, create a plan, get a good coach or mentor and remember it’s all about going after it persistently.


Daniel Colussi