You Must Have This Skill To Make Money With PLR

Ladies and gentlemen! Drum roll please! I am about to reveal a critical missing piece of the puzzle! There are thousands of PLR buyers who purchase PLR, set it all up and hope to make sales and profits… BUT NOTHING HAPPENS! The sales page for the latest ‘Biz-in-a-box’ product is slick and sexy. You are […]

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Beware The PLR “Quality” Gap…And Here’s Why

Private label rights (PLR) content has flooded the market. In fact, I would like to argue there are too many PLR products out there period! Every week, week after week, month after month new bundles are released and it is usually on the same topics. Every budding internet marketer out there looks to selling PLR […]

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Clearing Up confusion about PLR Rights

Are you confused by the different types of PLR rights? If you stop to think about it, you’d realize that PLR stands for ‘Private Label Rights’ Yet, why does everyone say ‘PLR Rights’? That’s like saying Private Label Rights Rights… getting the picture? This is what we will just pass off as one of the […]

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Does Using PLR On My Blog Put Me In Danger Of The Dreaded “Duplicate Content” Penalty?

The correct answer to this is NO for those who are impatient. Private label rights content (PLR) will not cause penalties to your site by Google. I know, tons of confusion right? This is one of the most misunderstood issues in blogging. If you have used PLR content before, you probably agonize over the big, […]

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Do you know the Three Keys to become Wealthy?

I am sure you are like most that you dream about becoming wealthy. With that comes the feeling of being financially secure. You probably imagine what it feels like to never worry about money again as well as indulging in a few perks like a dream vacation. You might equate being wealthy with making money […]

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Fear In Business. Take Back Your Power!

Unless you were born into an entrepreneurial family, there’s a good chance that this whole “own your own business” thing is a bit outside of your comfort zone. Think of fear… It was for me so I can relate… Even if you LOVE the idea of being your own boss, there are still things you […]

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Porsches and Rolexes are cool, but…

What would be truly life-changing for you? Bling is fun, don’t get me wrong. However, for most people… it’s not on the top of the list.​ Most people are drowning in debt. 44% of people in the U.S. said they couldn’t cover an unexpected $400 emergency.  If they got hit with a medical bill, or their car broke down, […]

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Things Rich People Tell you To Do But Don't Do Themselves

Things that rich people tell you to do, but don’t do themselves

There’s a certain fascination in our society with the rich. We elevate them as thought leaders, we aspire to become one of them, we want to live the lifestyle. Nothing wrong with that. I believe that anyone who has worked hard and achieved things most people only dream about can share a golden nugget of […]

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Pull-ups and business goals… huh?

I just read a very interesting article. The point of it was… “YOUR INABILITY TO DO PULL-UPS IS ALL IN YOUR HEAD!” Interesting…of course…the first thing I thought was…why would I do a pull-up in the first place? Immediately, it dawned on me… isn’t it exactly what we’re struggling with inside our businesses? Isn’t our […]

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feeling Lazy_

Feeling lazy?

This might be a dumb question but… Have you ever felt lazy, unmotivated, and sleepy all the time? Have you ever noticed those feelings might have been 5x stronger when you’re trying to start something new? Such as building a business, learning a new skill, or adopting an exercise routine? If you have… have you […]

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